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New Teacher Spotlight – Ingrid Salim

This year the PTA would like to highlight some of our new faces on campus.  We asked each new teacher to answer a few questions.  This week’s teacher is Ingrid Salim.

1.    If you are new to Holmes, what school did you teach at last year?

I am not actually ‘new’ to Holmes.  I began student teaching there 28 years ago, stayed for 14 years and then helped open Harper Jr. High.  My time this year will be split between North Davis Elementary, Holmes and serving as the Next Generation Science Standards coordinator for DJUSD.  I’m very excited to be back on old stomping grounds, and even though there has been a lot of turnover, many of my favorite people still teach here.  And, I’m looking forward to seeing my first 6th grade class from NDE, now in 8th grade!

2.    What is your favorite thing about the subject you teach?

My favorite thing about teaching science is that, if done well, it ALWAYS appeals to the inner curiosity that every human being has and allows for opportunities to ‘figure stuff out.’ There’s nothing like that feeling.

3.    Describe your dream vacation?

Coastal, but amid forest, surrounded by books and lots of quiet.  However, I can also go for an entirely urban, modern escape with an immersion into culture, museums, amazing food options, and lots of people watching.  Depends on my mood and resources.