Holmes Junior High PTA Unfundraiser

Holmes Junior High PTA Unfundraiser

We are thrilled that our students are enjoying a safe return back on campus this semester. PTA is working diligently to keep you informed and teachers/staff supported through our grants which directly enhance the student experience at Holmes.

We are excited to announce that PTA and site administration are planning for the Annual Grade Level Events to occur IN-PERSON this school year!

The UNFUNDRAISER is how PTA makes these special student events happen.

We call it the  “UNFUNDRAISER”  because there is no fundraising event for you to attend. BUT we still need your financial support. Your donations enable our students to take part in the following grade level events in the Spring:

  • 7th Grade ~  Grade level specific on-site event: Details TBD
  • 8th Grade ~ Grade level specific on-site event: Details TBD
  •  9th Grade ~ Marin County Day Hike ~ To commemorate graduating from the middle school campus, this day long activity includes bus transportation to an off-site hike in Marin County. This event has become a Holmes tradition for all 9th graders, known as the most memorable day of the year!

To donate now, please click here and use drop down menu to select  “Unfundraiser.” For your convenience, a donation form can be download here.

Our goal is to raise $10,000.  

Without your help, PTA cannot offer these experiences to the students. Please consider making a donation in any amount to help bring these amazing programs to Holmes.

The PTA and the Holmes staff thank you in advance for your generosity.